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Влияние на водната активност и рН върху образуването на микотоксини в хлебни изделия

The effect of water activity and pH on the production of mycotoxins by fungi growing on a bread analogue

Letters in Applied Microbiology
Volume 3 Issue 6, Pages 123 - 125
Published Online: 28 Jun 2008

1 Department of Agricultural and Food Bacteriology, Queen's University of Belfast and Agricultural 2 Food Bacteriology Research Division, Department of Agriculture for Northern Ireland, Newforge Lane, Belfast BT9 5PX, Northern Ireland
Copyright 1986 The Society for Applied Microbiology

Mycotoxin production by various toxigenic fungi, growing on a bread analogue, was investigated at various water activities (aw) and pH combinations. Citrinin, ochratoxin A and sterigmatocystin could be detected at aw > 0·80, while patulin was only observed at aw= 0·95. These results show that some toxins may be produced at lower water activities than have been reported on synthetic media and suggest that, where possible, natural substrates should be used to investigate factors affect-ing mycotoxin production in foodstuffs.

Електронен превод:

ABSTRACT Изследвано е натрупването на Микотоксин от различни токсични гъби в хлебни изделия при различни комбинации на активност на водата (AW) и рН. Citrinin, охратоксин А и sterigmatocystin биха могли да бъдат открити в AW> 0,80, докато патулин се наблюдават само при AW = 0,95. Тези резултати показват, че някои токсини могат да се образуват и при по-ниска водна активност, отколкото е било докладвано при различни изкуствени хранителни среди.

Received 11 July 1986 and accepted 17 September 1986

Източник: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/119850870/abstract

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