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Our group has progressed to doing the HACCP. They have identified 4 CCPs blast chill, weighing of brine solution, smoking and steaming and lastly, apply brine solution to the beef. However I dont really agree with putting smoking and steaming down as a CCP. For smoking I feel that although it contributes heat to killing bacteria but it is more of enhancing the flavor and it is normally put over the fire so the temperature is normally not very high. External microorganisms through steaming and smoking will be killed but beef pastrami involved putting large slabs of beef to smoke and steam it. Therefore heat penetration is not sufficient enough to increase the internal temperature to temperatures for killing microorganisms.
Beef pastrami normally are un-smoked products and still are able to keep for long due to it being cured using brine solution, lowering water activity and also the presence of nitrites that inhibit c. botulism.
But for our case, our product goes through smoking and steaming which i feel if not applied to our product will not help significantly with the maintaining the safety of the food since the product is already preserved by salt.
Another point I wish tot say is that, I feel that ingredients such as beef should be put down as a CCP. As if the beef is not fresh and have high microbial load, smoking and steaming will not help significantly since the heat penetration is not enough to reach the centre of the large thick beef slab. Therefore I feel that during receiving beef is a CCP.
Another CCP I feel should be taken is thawing. From the document below, it says that without appropriate thawing, microorganisms will multiple especially spoilage and pathogens. Since steaming and smoking is does not penetrate deep enough so meat internally will multiply if thawing is temperature of thawing is not controlled properly.
Here's the link for the above document:
FDA code of practice on beef pastrami http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/~acrobat/fc05-a6.pdf

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